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"I have had chronic back and hip pain for over 3 years.  I've tried all forms of therapy and doctors with no result.  The pain is constant and walking or playing golf was very difficult.  Since working with Tim I've made great strides.  His deep tissue massage and stretching techniques work wonders!  I highly recommend him."  --David L., PGA Professional

"Tim, Just wanted to tell you how awesome you are!  We both feel more rested, less stressed, and have more energy, both mentally and physically.  In our line of work, I can't tell you how much that means!  Thank you.  Keep working your magic!" -  Ryan A. & Crystal L.

"Tim Manigold is well educated on the musculature of the human anatomy and how it all works together.  I have chronic lower back problems but when I leave his office I feel not only relaxed and pain-free but stronger and healthier.  He takes the time to discuss your medical history and then devises the proper massage treatment that would be most beneficial for you.  I've had physical therapy, chiropractic treatments and even acupuncture over the years.  Now I just see Tim, my posture is improved which helps me take longer walks and have more stamina. I can even play golf again.  "  -Linda B.     

"Two years ago I had been experiencing low back pain for months, and in one session with Tim, my pain was completely gone.  Thanks to Tim's expertise in ligament and muscle therapy, and his determination to get to the core of what was wrong, I still do not have any low back pain to this day.  Thank you Tim!"  - Terry P.

"I was having chronic pain in my right shoulder subsequent to rotator cuff surgery. As a consequence what was pain has become no more than an ache and much more tolerable. Thanks to Tim's efforts I have an increase in range of motion."  - Gordon F., M.D

"I have been seeing Tim for 3 years and I just feel healthier.  I don't have the tightness and knots in my back I frequently had prior to seeing Tim.  The massage is incredibly relaxing and I leave feeling stress free yet rejuvenated.  When I have specific pains or tightness, Tim always takes the time needed to address them.  Tim has an easy-going, friendly personality and I feel very comfortable working with him.  His room is private, pleasant and clean."  - Wanda W.

"I started seeing Tim about 4 yrs ago for a sciatic problem, my doctor recommended pain medications and muscle-relaxers.  It was too hard for me to work while taking that.  So, I went to see Tim and I have been feeling much better with regular massage therapy ever since.  He is both talented and very professional.  I would and have recommended Tim to anybody experiencing pain." - Katie C.

"My husband and I have had lots of massages from many places, bar none, Tim is the best, no matter what the need is.   He is always very professional and gives a great massage.  My husband has lots of "issues" and I like to relax and enjoy.  He fits the bill for both of us.   It is truly a pleasure to see him and we look forward to our visits."  - Garnet and Sally P.

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